The Whole 30 Diet and IBS

Has anyone else succeeded at trying the Whole 30 diet to improve your IBS symptoms? I have seen a nutritionist in the past, which helped tremendously, but I've always suspected that I have a gluten allergy. I worked for a primary care physician for six years, and his suggestion to our patients was to try going gluten-free, and if it makes a difference, stick to it, regardless of what lab work said. My gluten intolerance labs were negative, yet my body tells me otherwise.

My IBS symptoms

One of the main symptoms of my IBS is the constant bloating. I know some of you know this discomfort all too well. I recognize most of my trigger foods, however, sometimes convenience-eating trumps avoiding the triggers, and I will be miserably bloated for days. Usually, taking a Linzess will help temporarily, but I'm not one to consistently take medications (nurses are the best patients! HA!). I've learned it's all about my diet and self-control!

What is the Whole 30 diet and how does it help with IBS?

Of course, it is always recommended that you speak to your health care provider before starting a new diet plan, but I decided to give the Whole 30 plan a try to see if removing gluten and other artificial food items would help my IBS symptoms. Basically, the Whole 30 plan cuts out certain foods such as grains, alcohol, sugars, and dairy, all of which trigger my IBS. There is a Whole 30 book and plans online that are available to help guide you through the process of what you can and can't eat.

What are the challenges of the Whole 30 diet?

The hardest part about this diet was grocery shopping. It's difficult enough as it is shopping with two young children, so I found it easier to go on my lunch break at work. I highly recommend shopping at Trader Joe's if you have one local! They have a great selection of gluten-free items. The best news is that I truly felt like a new person, especially after removing the sugars and grains. My bloating improved dramatically, I had more energy, and my bowels were even more regular! Now, I will say that I still have my days that do not have a rhyme or reason for my IBS flare-ups, but I could definitely tell a difference with controlling my diet. I will admit that I fell off the Whole 30 wagon, but I am a true testimony of it controlling my IBS symptoms! It takes some structure and will-power, but it's worth it!

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