IBS Friendly Grillin'

IBS Friendly Grillin'

Summer is almost here! Memorial Day, the unofficial start to summer, has come and gone! You know what that means? It's time to fire up the grill! Here in the south, we call it a cookout. In other parts of the country, it’s called a barbecue. Whatever you call cooking food outdoors on a grill with friends, these events can be fun, but can go downhill fast when you have IBS! Potato salad, coleslaw, red meat, white bread, desserts, cheeseburgers, hotdogs, sugary drinks, the list goes on!

But guess what?! I've got news for you! Your grillin’ doesn’t have to go downhill this summer! There are plenty of delicious foods that you can grill this summer that you, your IBS, and the whole crowd, will love!

Grilled corn

Grilled Corn is a favorite of mine and the rest of my family’s favorite! All it needs is a little salt and pepper, and it’s totally delish! I usually shuck the corn and put it in tin foil!


Low-FODMAP pineapple on the grill is amazing! Sear on both sides, and bring out even more sweetness in this sweet treat. Your IBS will love this grilled pineapple over dense, IBS offensive pie!

Turkey hot dogs

Turkey Hot Dogs are better for the IBS sufferer than regular pork hot dogs. They have less fat! Oscar Meyer Selects are my favorite. The dogs have no added nitrates or nitrites, no artificial preservatives, and no by-products. Your IBS will thank you for this trade-off, and they still taste delicious!

Gluten Free Buns

Whether you’re having turkey dogs, or a veggie or turkey burger, gluten free buns can make your IBS happier than those white, enriched buns!

Bacon-wrapped avocado salmon bites

Grill up some turkey bacon and salmon, and then top the grilled salmon with a small dollop of guacamole, or a small slice of avocado. Lastly, wrap in turkey bacon! If your stomach can’t tolerate avocado, you could always leave it out, or add sautéed baby spinach instead!

IBS-approved margarita

Skip the traditional Margarita this summer! Also known as the high-calorie, high sugar, high fructose corn syrup, IBS bomb! Choose this IBS friendly margarita at your next grill sesh instead! 2 limes juiced, 1 shot of tequila, 4 oz. of coconut water, and a touch of agave syrup or stevia! YUM!

Carrot chips & dip

Forget the potato chips, and grab a bag of raw carrot chips from the produce section! Grab a dip that your IBS can tolerate. Whether it’s salsa, hummus, or sans dip, carrot chips will give you the crunch without the gut punch!

Vegetable and chicken skewers

Low-FODMAP red and green bell peppers, squash, zucchini, and eggplant, and white meat chicken, all pierced through a skewer. Yummy, guilt-free, hassle-free grillin’!

What are your go-to IBS-friendly grillin’ items? We can’t wait to get the grill going this summer!

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