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Hessiel Polanco (or Hess P) is a writer and a patient advocate who was born and raised in Massachusetts and lives with his wife, Ashli. Dealing with GI issues dating back to 2009, Hess sought help from countless doctors and GI specialists to figure out what was wrong until he was eventually diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome in 2014. Read more.

A man uses an ear horn to listen to his stomach. Behind him is black and a field of stars. Behind that is a collection of random items to indicate daily life - a cellphone, a road, music, etc.

Listen To Your Gut

Ever since I got IBS, I’ve felt almost forced by life’s circumstances to pay attention and listen to my gut.

A female boxer determinately approaches a glowing punching bag.

My Pain is My Fuel

I have been living with irritable bowel syndrome for over eight years now, and the first few years were torturous.